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A Stormtrooper That Blasts... Music?

Sleek Stormtrooper Speakers Are Up For Grabs

Julius Tabios
A Stormtrooper That Blasts... Music?© 2018 The Fowndry

Star Wars is a novelty that will never grow old. Well at least not in the near future with a new trilogy of movies en route. From the fuzzy giant Wookie Chewbacca to the trash bin blue bundle of joy that is R2-D2, there are an abundance of characters from that universe to love or hate. Then there is of course the Republic turned Imperial Stormtrooper that strikes fear or hope into the onlookers dependent of which side your on.

UK-based retailer The Fowndry have begun taking pre-orders for the Stormtrooper Helmet Bluetooth Speaker. Though the Stormtrooper aren’t known for being a crackshot with their blasters (as evident in their skirmishes against Hans Solo and a bunch of Ewoks) maybe this one will be a hit. The speakers aren’t actually the size of a soldier’s head (measuring at 4.13 inches by 4.66 inches by 5 inches) but it makes it quite portable. It features high quality 5W speakers that would put even Lord Vader’s voice synthesizer to shame.

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