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A Tweeting Bra and Other Weird Wearable Tech

5 of the best around

Anne Parsons
A Tweeting Bra and Other Weird Wearable Tech© 2018 nestle

Think Google Glass is weird? Think again. Weird things are happening in the world of wearables, and here are the best (or worst) of them out there.

1. A Tweeting Bra

First up is a bra that tweets. Yes, tweets. And no it’s not for any salacious reasons you might automatically think. The actual reason for the existence of the twitteresque bra is to tweet on your behalf to remind your followers to get a breast check exam. I’m all for tweeting in the name of a good cause.

2. Fart Filtering Underwear

The most ridiculous wearable you are bound to EVER hear about is Shreddies, and I’m not talking about the cereal. Shreddies is a line of underwear for men and women that filters the smell of farts with a "carbon back panel" so no one around you will be able to smell it. Their creators call them the “ultimate flatulence filtering underwear”.

3. Brainwave Cat Ears

The next up is the Necomimi. This bizarre wearable is what I call the “brainwave cat ears”, for lack of a better term. I’ve written a lot recently about the potential of the the EEG scanner for various useful and groundbreaking purposes (like using your brainwaves to command Google Glass to take a photo), but cat ears? Hmm. The moveable ears look quite cute though, and will make you feel like a human furby.

 4. Anti-Drone Wear

If you are an actual spy, or just plain paranoid Stealth Wear will be for you.  Stealth Wear are garments that will shield you from surveillance technology. Stealth Wear designer Adam Harvey’s vision is “for fashion that addresses the rise of surveillance, the power of those who surveil, and the growing need to exert control over what we are slowly losing, our privacy.” He showcased his wares at TANK Magazine HQ in London in January 2013.

5. Smart Pajamas

Smart clothes are on the up. We’ve seen Pauline Van Dongen’s solar panel dress that charges an iPhone, and a NYU grad school ‘Smart Hoodie’ project. However these smart pajamas are something pretty special. The interactive kids smart pjs have dots that act as QR codes which smartphone owning parents can use to unlock bedtime stories to read to their kids. Cute.


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