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All You Need To Know About Apple's 2016 Secrets!

How Long Do We Have To Wait?

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Apple prediction expert Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities teased us once again with news about Apple and its upcoming offerings for the new year. According to his note which he published last Tuesday, Kuo believes that a March unveiling for new devices is possible with iPad Air 3 as the main focus.

He added that even though the iPhone 6S has the 3D Touch feature which we might expect for the new iPad to adapt, this might not happen due to the low 30 percent utilization of the technology's supply chain. Kuo even noted that 3D Touch was one of the most severe production bottlenecks in iPhone supply chain.

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So, with that being said, at least we won't be expecting the feature on the iPad 3, but who knows Apple might surprise us yet again. Good news is, The Motley Fool reported that even without 3D Touch, fans will love the overhauled design and specs of the new edition of the 9.7-inch iPad Air.

Other reports hint that along with the new iPad Air 3, an Apple Watch 2 might also be in the horizon. However this might just be a wishful thinking for all we know. What's more like to happen is the arrival of a new MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro early this year. Keeping our fingers crossed, the new MacBook Air might come in three versions according to reports.

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Tech experts confirmed that new thin Apple laptops will come in 13-inch display and 15-inch screen respectively. The third version however is speculated to feature a 12-inch Retina display. Aside from the three versions to choose from, it will also come with a Touch ID feature on its trackpad along with an upgraded security feature for online payment transactions including Apple Pay. Now, aren't you excited?

As for the MacBook Pro, a new processor might be inside called Intel Skylake which is said to pack quite a punch along with a better battery life. A thinnner and lighter MacBook Pro? Yes please! A BitBag feature mentioned that it will have a Core m5/m7 chips with the 14nm fabrication process compared to the present specs of the MacBook Pro which runs on 4nm Broadwell-Y Core M processor, 8 GB/16 GB 1600 MHz LPDDR3 and Intel HD Graphics 5300.

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A crazy rumor also circulates that Apple secured a solar-related patent making people claim that the new MacBook offerings for 2016 might be solar powered. But we can dream right? On a more realistic note, the Apple MacBooks might is said to feature USB-Type C port to support HDMI and VGA capabilities, DisplayPort 1.2 and a USB 3.1.

As for a new iPhone, we might have to wait for September to confirm if Kuo's prediction of a mini version really do happens. People are still waiting for a possibility of an iPhone 6C if not for the iPhone 7 Mini coming our way. So, did that get you excited enough? Just hold on tight and soon enough, the much awaited Apple event unveiling all these goodies will be upon us!

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