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All Your Favourite Sites Have Been Updated

Twitter, Netflix and Facebook are all slowly evolving (again)

Molly Holt
All Your Favourite Sites Have Been Updated© 2018 Twitter/Netflix/Facebook


Finally, Twitter has updated its archaic direct-messaging feature, so users are able to see their whole communication history on their smartphones. The development follows the launch of pop-up notifications on the website in April, and Twitter’s ongoing attempts to improve the fluidity between your public and private conversations. Still a long way to go before it catches up to its competitors like Whatsapp, plans are still in the works for other much-needed updates. Apparently intending to simplify the process of deleting direct messages, as well as rumours suggesting the site may soon be introducing a group-message option. So you can assume there will probably be a few other changes soon.


We’ve all been there. You’re up to date with House of Cards, feel like you’ve seen every movie on Netflix and so decide to turn on 90210 instead. You know, just for a laugh. But then it all just gets a bit embarrassing. Suddenly you’re getting all these recommendations for other more-feminine shows, and your friends are posting pictures of your recently watched list on Twitter. Well, now there may be a way around it. Select Netflix members are testing out a new feature which allows you to hide your embarrassing titles from logs, recommendations and Facebook friends. A bit like Chrome’s incognito mode, you will be able to watch your secret pleasures in peace. However, the ‘Private Mode’ service isn’t available to everyone right now, and depending on the tests, may never be.


Ten years down the line most of us have now racked up several hundred Facebook friends, and seeing as its impossible to spend the whole day on Facebook (although sometimes we get very close to it), the site has introduced a new update to ensure that you get to see everything. The new save-it-for-later feature allows you to easily revisit links and other shared content that you didn’t have time to click on yesterday. Links, places, music, films, and TV shows that people are talking about can be stored in a new section that will be added to the “more” tab, and accessible on both web and mobile. But it won’t be replacing Pocket anytime soon. Although you can share or archive links once you’ve actually got round to reading them, the service won’t be available offline. Oh, and Facebook says it will also prompt you with notifications in your news feed about your saved content. Next it will probably be reminding us what gender we are, too.


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