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Amazon Cuts Firephone Price To 99 Cents

Device was only released two months ago

Molly Holt
Amazon Cuts Firephone Price To 99 Cents© 2018 Amazon

Only two months after its initial (and much anticipated launch), Amazon has slashed the cost of its flagship fire phone to just 99 cents, with a two-year contact that is complete with an Amazon Prime membership and various other cloud services. When the smartphone was first announced, it retailed for $199, meaning there may be quite a few angry customers after the company.

Or maybe not, as the drastic price drop is suggested to be due to poor sales performance, as although Amazon has declined to release figures, it is expected that less than 50,000 of the handsets are currently in use. And Jeff Bezos appears to have a few extra devices hanging around, expanding availability to both the UK and Germany (for one pound and one euro, respectively).

So, would you rather have a 99 cent Firephone or a 600+ dollar iPhone 6?

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