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Amazon's Black Friday is Today!

Black Friday Comes Early and We're Not Complaining

Lauren Messer
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Amazon's Black Friday is Today!

True to form, retailers continue to try to change up their weekend routine in order to get more customers online, in stores, and spending money as the day after Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. In recent years, companies have changed their strategy to gain approval from their customers by either opening their doors earlier than ever or keeping them closed so that their employees can enjoy time with their families.

Amazon will begin releasing deals on November 20th and will be updating sales through Black Friday. 

Depending on the products and the crazed consumers that want them, earlier is better than later and Amazon is leading the way in stretching the season as they have announced that they will start releasing deals on November 20th and will be updating sales through Black Friday. Shoppers will have to stay tuned for deals released because not all of the specials have been included. Customers will be able to continue receiving deals until Black Friday when Amazon will let out their higher quality, more desired products.  

Some of the products on sale now aren't cutting edge, but they're still a good deal, such as LED TVs, a mobile printer, and a $100 discount off an Intel Dell 2-in1 laptop. Customers will be hungry for the great deals on electronics like the Jawbone Up3 on sale for $99 and the 7-inch Fire Tablet that's going for just $35. 

Amazon will also be offering Prime members two hour delivery in 20 major cities on selected Deals of the Day. The online retailer is also upping its mobile game by offering deals that users can't get on the web.  Amazon's official press release states that there are over 150 Lightning Deals for everything ranging from electronics to kitchen gadgets that users will have to order through the mobile application. 

Amazon is playing the holiday game right and catering to customers by allowing them to preview the deals on the mobile application, favorite them, and then receive a notification when the deal goes live. They're really playing both sides of the market by making it more convenient for people to shop earlier than ever, while they're sitting at home with family on Turkey Day, and even making it a bit interactive by having customers keep watch of the website for the latest deals. Expect to see pumped up stats for Amazon's mobile app installs, and we'll have to watch and wait to see if the shipping and logistics team can deliver with all the mobile promises. 

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