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An App Even More Useless Than Yo: Emojli

But we kind of like it

Anne Parsons
An App Even More Useless Than Yo: Emojli© 2019 emoji

When you know your app is going to get slagged off for being a bit stupid, you might as well be the first ones to do it. Emojli is a messaging app where you can literally only use emojis to communicate. Your username is an emoji (good luck identifying friends), and your messages are emoji only. No text whatsoever. 

The duo behind Emojli, Matt Grey and Tom Scott are under no illusions about their emoji-only based messaging app, and that's kind of good. The voice in their tongue-in-cheek promotional video says, "we know what you're thinking...this is satire, no one would actually make this thing. It's not. And we have."

Self-deprecation aside, the joke app might just work. Most people are emoji-literate. It seems that these days apps need to be a bit gimmicky to catch on anyway - Yo hit its millionth download mark back in June.


 Download the app on iTunes here.

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