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An Invisible Keyboard

A non-keyboard that allows you to type on any surface.

Anne Parsons
An Invisible Keyboard© 2018 Airtype

We all know the deal. You've got a tablet, but sometimes you wish it were a notebook. Old habits die hard, and typing on a screen just sometimes doesn't cut it. So you've considered getting an attachable keyboard, right?

Well forget wireless, plastic, flexible, rollable keyboards. How about an invisible keyboard? 

Airtype, a start-up based in Austin, Texas are currently developing ther prototype for a truly revolutionary, disruptive keyboard, that well, frankly isn't there.

Sounds a bit puzzling, sure, but this “keyboardless keyboard” will make life a lot easier. It's not like a projection keyboard either, if that's what you're thinking. There are no visuals. Just cuffs. You wrap the cuff-like sensors around your knuckles and type away. The sensors will track your finger movements and translate them into words on the screen. 

"AirType learns the finger movements you make to get the letters that you want. It's no different from typing on a keyboard."

I can already hear you saying to yourself "well, I'm not a touch typist, so it wouldn't work for me." 

Well, apaprently you wont need to have Mavis Beacon-like proficiency to use the AirType. According to the creators, the keyboard will be able to adapt to your own specific typing style. They say "there's no need to learn AirType, It will learn you," in much the same way that Siri can learn your accent. 

The cuffs clip on easily to your tablet for easy transportation, so you can bring them everyhere. You can check out the website for futher details. 

AirType Concept Promo from pfista on Vimeo.


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