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Apple Back In Court

A new lawsuit for the amount of storage iOS 8 requires

Nicole Billitz
Apple Back In Court© 2023 Apple

Apple loves to find itself in court, and it has already managed to start this new year out right. Another lawsuit has been stacked against them (the score at this point is Apple: 3, Everyone else: Infinite). This time the lawsuit is for the amount of memory required by its brand new flagship operating system, iOS8.

Apple has not yet made an official comment on the lawsuit, but this one seems to have a solid case for itself.

The original complaint was filed in California by two Miami residents, Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara, who allege that iOS8 can occupy up by 23.1% of the memory available on some Apple devices. In fact, to even download it requires 4GB of space. Those upgrading from the earlier iOS7 to 8 can cause loss of up to 1.3GB of memory.

The two Miami residents allege that the amount of memory that takes up iOS8 means users run out of their own storage, and this then forces Apple users to sign up to the iCloud storage system, which has a fee. The lawsuit itself is seeking millions of dollars in damages for people using an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

iOS8 was first released this past September to much criticism, and was eventually recalled because several iPhones stopped being able to send or receive calls. Apple issued a public apology for the issue, and said only 40,000 people were affected from it. 

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