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Apple Buys BookLamp To Compete Against Amazon

Secret acquisition suggests Apple is set to up its e-book game

Molly Holt
Apple Buys BookLamp To Compete Against Amazon© 2018 Joe Shlabotnik - Flickr

Another day, another move in the technology game. This time from Apple, who have officially bought book analytics service BookLamp, to try “beat Amazon at its own game”. The startup company has been dubbed the “Pandora for books” due to its ability to offer recommendations, searches and categories that are based on plenty of background data. This information would improve search-ability and discovery on iBooks, as well as creating a direct competitor to Amazon X-Ray, where readers can find certain terms or characters in their text. Confirming their $10-15millon acquisition of BookLamp, Apple told Re/code that they “buy smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans”. But it all seems pretty crystal clear to us: Apple are trying to take over Amazon’s new “Netflix of E-books” service, and are paying big bucks for the best data.

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