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Apple Finally Gives You The Middle Finger  

And I think You'd Love It!

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Emojis had already became an international language on its own and now you can definitely express more by using new ones on your iPhone. The recent update which comes as the iOS 9.1 includes awesome new features and upgrades like the GIF-like "Live Photos" ala Harry Potter pictures but most importantly the inclusion of the middle finger along with the 184 new emojis.

These new expression makers are not limited to the iPhones as Apple also rolled out updates for the Apple Watches and the OS X El Capitan. The emojis are give in order to support the new standards set by the Unicode Consortium which thankfully now includes honest-to-goodness gestures like the middle finger, favorite foods like the taco, and many more.

According to Emojipedia, the middle finger had been highly awaited by users due to it being #1 emoji in their site for the past year. Other new emojis include hotdogs, burrito, prayer beads, new faces, more weather emojis, and a whole lot more selection that you'll definitely enjoy.

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