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Apple Is In Trouble Yet Again

The beloved iPhone maker seems to enjoy being in hot water with a $5million lawsuit

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Apple Is In Trouble Yet Again© 2018 Apple

Have you seen your phone bill recently? Well, if not yet, you're in for a surprise. It was discovered that the iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature can eat up your data usage without you even knowing it. Due to this a lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs William Scott Phillips and Suzanna Schmidt Phillips.

The complaint was filed at a US District Court which claimed an overall amount that exceeds $5million in controversy. After taking heat regarding the issue, the company immediately provided users a step-by-step guide on their site on how to turn the feature off.

But since not a lot of people are made aware, there are still numerous users that are being charged for mobile data unbeknown to them. Both of the plaintiffs experienced unjustifiable charges on their iPhone 5S models, which prompted them to file the lawsuit.

Users are highly advised in switching off the Wi-Fi Assist feature to avoid extra charges and being shocked once your phone bill arrives. iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or first-generation iPad Mini users won't experience this, as this feature isn't automatically enabled in these devices.

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