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Apple Thinks You Want An Even Bigger iPad

Rumours about a new 12.9" ipad are rife

Molly Holt
Apple Thinks You Want An Even Bigger iPad© 2018 closari - Flickr

Apple is reportedly developing a new 12.9” iPad, according to Bloomberg, whose extra three inches will change the tablet as we know it. Although we wouldn’t recommend betting your life savings on it, talk that it will begin production in the first quarter of 2015 comes after months of rumours that a bigger and better iPad project is in the works to combat dwindling sales.

Other clues lie in the iOS 8 coding, which allows users to run multiple apps side-by-side, so it wouldn’t be completely crazy to make use of this feature by adding a bit more screen. The increased size, processor power and app capabilities would then turn the iPad (who, thanks to plus-size smartphones, is losing its niche in user’s lives) into a formidable competitor for notebook computers.

Potentially taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s book to force its mobile functionality onto desktop Windows, Apple may be planning to expand its physical hardware in order to exercise the potential of its iOS, and hopefully, it will be a lot more successful than Windows.

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