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Apple Users Are Under Attack!

You think your Mac can't be hacked? Think again

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Over the weekend, hackers made history as they attacked Apple users with the fastest-growing cyber threat for the very first time.

Palo Alto Networks recently discovered that a virus called Ransomware, which infects mostly Windows PCs, has made its way to a popular free and open-source BitTorrent client for Mac, the Transmission. It is not clear how the attackers penetrated the app’s site and uploaded the infected files, but one thing is for sure, Ransomware spares no one.

Ransomware a.k.a KeRanger (for Mac users) acts like the local kidnapper. First, it enters your computer without you noticing it by installing the infected version of the Transmission on your device. Once it breaches your files, it will hold the owner for ransom. KeRanger will embed itself in their system encrypting certain types of data, including documents, images, audio and video files, as well as databases and email archives, leaving you with a $400 ransom note.

Researches says that Transmission has removed the infected versions and is recommending users to upgrade and run the latest version of its software, version 2.92, to ensure that KeRanger is correctly removed from the user’s Mac.

It’s scary to know that there is no longer a way to lock up our devices and private files from perpetrators. In fact, it was also recently reported that the FBI wants to roll back safeguards to keep a step ahead of criminals. This way, the government can “legally” hack into a user's device to monitor illegal activities, which sounds ironic knowing that criminals are already using this method to attack all users.

The FBI is asking Apple to partner with them in solving criminal activities by developing a software that enables the government to forcely penetrate a user's device. But if we become safe from perpatrators, how are we going to be safe from the government? Either way, it will only put our data at risk.

As we solely depend on technology, what will be left of us if we enter the era of Big Brother? What will be safe? Or better yet, who will save us?

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