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Apps? Theres A Documentary For That

Watch the impact that these small programs have had on the digital world

Michael Cruickshank
Apps? Theres A Documentary For That© 2018 Flickr - Jason Howie

Apps have undoubtedly made a huge change to the way we interact with devices and the digital world in general. From humble beginnings in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone, the number of apps available online has grown at an explosive pace. You name an activity, and it can be almost guaranteed that there “is an app for that”.

Now however, two men are on a quest to document and film the historic changes which apps have brought to our society. In their documentary ‘App: The Human Story’, the documentary makers are attempting to grasp the way in which technologies, developers and major companies have interacted in order to produce the truly transformative power of the app.

"App: The Human Story is a vehicle to look at what it means to be human in a world of technology."

In their own words the documentary makers describe the film as a primarily human story, despite being about technology.

Although some apps seem trivial and inconsequential, the details of our software say a lot about who we are as humans. Apps have changed how we live our lives and they will undoubtedly shape our future. […] At its core, App: The Human Story is a vehicle to look at what it means to be human in a world of technology.

The team behind the film have already secured many major interviews and are in the process of filming more parts of the documentary for an eventual 2015 release. In order to fund this project they have turned to a Kickstarter campaign which hopes to raise $100,000 within the next month.

Currently, the interviews which the project has secured lean towards the Apple and iOS side of the app ecosystem, however the filmmakers are looking to film additional sections with a strong focus on Android. Their target list for interviews includes many high-up members of Google staff, and developers initially involved in the creation of the Android user experience. With this in mind the Kickstarter can also be seen as publicity-generating way to reach out to some of these people who may be interesting in being represented within the film.

While it is up in the air as to whether this film will be a commercial success, it should definitively be on the viewing lists of anyone who is interested in mobile technology and the way we interact with it in the modern world.

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