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Assassins Turning Cockney

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Is Going To Be Proper Dapper

Julius Tabios
Assassins Turning Cockney© 2018 Ubisoft Promotional

The turn of the 19th century brings with it the mad use of coal, iron, and steam.

We knew the game earlier this year simply as Assassin’s Creed Victory and that it was going to be set in England during the Victorian Era. Ubisoft announced the big reveal that is upon us now earlier this week. The hype ensued with people hoping for an Assassin’s Creed set closer to the modern era thanks to the images released by Ubisoft.  Now we have a lot of juicy new information and it is bloody awesome.

The game features a six-shot revolver, the most modern Assassin weapon to date.

The year is 1868 in the heart of London and the winds of change are upon the world. Queen Victoria is at the sit of power and nearing the turn of the 19th century brings with it the mad use of coal, iron, and steam. Syndicate will tell the stories of Assassin twins Jacob and Evie Frye. For the first time in a full game the franchise will feature a female lead. It’s a good start to a change of pace and the game will introduce a ton of new mechanics to this franchise that was full steam ahead to being stale. 

A more modern setting means modern weaponry and gear for our Assassin duo. The Industrial Revolution in England featured the British police force so walking around with a sword at your hip would book you a one-way ticket to the slammer. Concealed weaponry was the flavor of the day back then. So instead of rapiers and cutlasses, Jacob relies on his trusty kukri knife and an interesting cane weapon that is yet to be detailed.  He also gets his hand on a six-shot revolver, the most modern Assassin weapon to date.

Traveling around the streets of London will also bring with it a new feel as horse-drawn carriages and trains will be present. The parkour element will also be freshened up with the introduction of a rope launcher, which is basically the earliest form of a grappling hook. This new gear allows you to traverse the highest buildings of England in a matter of seconds.

Syndicate is looking to be down right proper. The fans should be over the moon because I am absolutely gobsmacked. 

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