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Awesome Bullet Earphones in 5 Easy Steps

Inspire To Make gives us a DIY guide to have your very own badass pair

Roselle Jean Dancel
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Awesome Bullet Earphones in 5 Easy Steps© 2019 Inspire To Make & Instructables

These badass looking earphones seem like a normal thing to see around. But the difference is that these are actually made out of authentic bullet casings.

Inspire to Make shows us simple steps to vamp up your old earphones into awesome bullet earphones. If you wanna make your own pair, you have to give this a go!diyheadphones.jpgAccording to them, first you need: 

  • Old earphones
  • 2 bullet shells S&W 0.40 Cal
  • 10 mm wooden dowel
  • Sandpaper (400 & 800 grit)
  • Finishing sponge
  • Hacksaw
  • Battery power drill
  • Drill bit (matching diameter of wire)
  • Soldering iron
  • Vice or clam to fix bullet casing for drilling

Here are the 5 simple steps:

1) Drill a hole by clamping the shell to a table to hold it in place. Bullet casings are made out of brass, so drilling will be an ease.step1diybulletearphones.jpg2) Clean up the shell by clamping the 10 mm wooden dowel in the drill. Putting the shell over this would complete this quick sanding set-up.step2diyearphones.jpg3) Measure 8mm from the open end of shell. Clam bullet shell into drill and then cut with a hacksaw while the drill rotates clockwise. Sand off; and buff shell with high grit sandpaper.step3diyearphones.jpg4) Disassemble your old pair of earphones by taking out the earpiece part. Make sure the wires are out.step4earphones.jpg5) Put the wire through the whole in the shell before soldering it to the headphones. Use superglue if you have a hard time fitting your earphones to the shell.step5diy.jpgThen, there you go!earphonesdiy1.jpgIt’s interesting how you can almost make any thing into anything! Anyway, here's the complete video from Inspire To Make. Watch it, make 'em, then rock these badass earphones! 

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