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Awesome Way To Hide, Change and Improve Your App Icons

An app that allows you to customize your app icons and it’s awesome!

Awesome Way To Hide, Change and Improve Your App Icons© 2018 Pexels

We love to customize our things and making it to our own. Whether it’s a pen, a notebook, or our clothing, we want it to reflect our personality or simply to hide its ugly design that we hate. And when it comes to our mobile phones, we think that we’re merely limited to changing our phone’s home screens and phone cases to colorful designs just to make a statement, but not really. There is an app that will allow you to customize those app icons that you don't like and change it to an icon photo of your choice. It’s awesome!

Yes, that’s right. The awesome app that can that can make your mobile phone use a little more awesome is called the Awesome Icon. And what’s awesome about the Awesome Icon App? It is a simple app with a simple idea: it's a shortcut creator.

You might enjoy using a certain app but you just can’t stand how hideous the app icon makes your phone look. Luckily, the Awesome Icon App lets you customize the way you want your favorite app icons to look. Here are the simple steps to follow to change your app icons:

  1. Open the Awesome Icon App. Here you will see a list of installed apps in your phone and under each app, there will be a carousel of different icons available from installed icon packs.
  2. Tap one icon. It will bring up the shortcut creation screen where you can see the app that you’re linking to.
  3. Hit OK. Then, go back to your home screen to see the new app icon you created.

Another thing that you’re going to love about this app is that it can also improve how your apps' icon will look in your phone. If it’s difficult for you to look for certain app on your phone, then the awesome icon app is your solution to that peeving problem. With this app, you can dim the rest of the screen except for the app icon that you like. This is helpful if you have app icons that have a lot of white background or text in it, which is not very visible in normal view.

Moreover, if you have phone apps that you wouldn’t want other people seeing in your home screen, then Awesome Icon app can hide those embarrassing apps for no one to see. You can change the label of these apps to anything you want so no one can find your banking app or adult apps that you’re not supposed to be using.

The Awesome Icon app is a phone app that is really fun to use, especially if you would like to have the chance to personalize your phone and make it look as fun as your personality. Bad news is—only Andriod phones are allowed to customize their phone apps. Sorry iPhone users, better luck next time! You’ll have to stick to the simplicity of your phone’s interface.

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