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Back To The Future Tech That Exists In 2015

Nicole Billitz
Back To The Future Tech That Exists In 2015 © 2019 Back To The Future

1. Hoverboard

Invented first by Hendo in 2014, and then Lexus this year, it’s not exactly Marty McFly’s, but hopefully soon it will be! 

2. Nike Powerlaces

In Back To The Future II, Marty McFly had self-lacing Nikes. Well, in 2011, Nike released 1500 pairs of limited edition Nike Air Mags, which replicate the ‘80s high-tops.

Back To The Future Inventions EMGN1

3. Phone Glasses

Thanks Google Glass, this certainly was a reality, but a bit of a flop. After all, no one Google Glass makes you look like a glasshole.

Back To The Future Inventions EMGN8

4. Fingerprint recognition

In the movie it was just doors that unlock with fingerprint recognition, which we have, but now we also have fingerprint scanners on basically any new smartphone.

Back To The Future Inventions EMGN7

5. Tablets

That’s right, it was predicated here first. Obviously, Apple wasn’t the first to invent them, but Apple did make they go viral.

6. 3D and Hologram Movies

When McFly walks by a movie theatre called Holomax playing Jaws 19, a shark hologram leaps out at him. Although we aren’t there just yet, we are well on our way with 3D movies, and perhaps hologram cinemas eventually - we can view holograms on Microsoft’s HoloLens or any other virtual reality headset. Also, we do seem to have an obsession with sequels, just see Fast and Furious 7.

7. Retractable Indoor Garden

Not only are these become incredibly popular in sustainable-minded communities, but now we are even using these in outerspace!

Back To The Future Inventions EMGN11

8. Hands-free gaming

In one restaurant, kids are playing hands-free games and say playing with your hands is a “baby’s toy”. Thanks for Xbox Kinect, we know have games that operate via gestures and spoken commands.

9. Flying cars

They aren't approved for the road or the skies just yet, but several companies have had successful flights. Comapnies like Terrafugia and AeroMobil have been operating for several years and are close to making this a reality. 

Back To The Future Inventions EMGN12

10. Smartwatch

Just after landing in the future in the pouring rain, Doc looks at his watch and says “wait five more seconds”, and the rain stops. Well, thanks The Dark Sky Company in as early as 2012, this accurate smartwatch was a real thing. Now it’s been popularized by Apple.


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