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Become A Real Life Jedi With THIS Gadget

Introducing... the Myo Armband (Warning: Everything you've seen before this in life will now feel inadequate)

Molly Holt
Become A Real Life Jedi With THIS Gadget

Science fiction is coming true. Soon you will also be able to use the force just like Luke ... kind of. Canadian company Thalmic labs have created a new type of biosensor, which uses electrical impulses in our arm muscles to control our electronics.

Ok so it sounds more confusing that it actually is, but basically the device allows any wrist movement, finger twitch or fist clenching to be interpreted as a gesture (as long as the MYO has skin contact with the inner side of your forearm). The Bluetooth 4.0 gadget uses a unique biosensor to detect which muscles in your arm are tensed, and how much they are tensed by, and control your electronics accordingly!

Body (as well as forearm) movements are also accounted for, thanks some long scientific words we don’t quite know the meaning of including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. All this science gives Myo a massive advantage over other camera-based gesture recognition, which can only identify more obvious arm movements with objects that have gesture-recognising cameras built into them.

Shipping in September, the one-size-fits-all armband is expected to work with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, with pre-order listed as $149. Laziness has never looked so cool.

And if you don't believe us, just watch the video. You'll never scream "shutup and take my money" faster than you will watching this.

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