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BendGate: The Latest iPhone 6 Problem

No, the iPhone 6 isn’t meant to be bendable…

Michael Cruickshank
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When we first saw the iPhone 6 at Apple’s keynote event, two things became immediately clear - the phone was both big, and it was thin, especially the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. While these things are generally good selling points for a phone, they also have their downsides. Now, after having their new iPhone’s for less than a week, users are discovering a rather severe problem with the construction of the iPhone 6.

Simply put, the phone bends. When worn in the pocket of a user, the phone has been shown to be subject to quite severe bending. This bend usually occurs around the volume control buttons on the top third of the phone. This is not an intentional design choice, like that featured in LG’s limited-release G-Flex, but rather a combination of poor material choice and inadequate product testing.

The iPhone 6 features a housing that is made from aluminium, which, while pleasing to the eye, is quite malleable. This, combined with the very thin form factor of the phone and its large footprint, makes it more susceptible to bending than it would otherwise have been. Indeed, the fact that most of the bends are occurring along a single point of weakness leads to the suggestion that the phone was not tested for bending during construction.

As more and more users discovered this problem, #BendGate began to trend on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. A simple search will yield many photos of allegedly bent iPhone 6 models. Some tech commentators even took it upon themselves to demonstrate just how easy it would be to bend an iPhone 6, with only the force of their bare hands.

Apple has yet to make any official comment or release a statement about this problem, however if the AntennaGate problems of 2 years ago are anything to go by, they will respond in a big way, once they know all of the details.

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