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4 Best Ever German Tech Inventions

Anne Parsons
4 Best Ever German Tech Inventions© 2018 Martha Machado Ducoing Flickr

1. The Computer (1941)

Yes, a German invented the first ever computer. We have Konrad Zuse, a construction engineer from Berlin to thank for the greatest invention of the 20th century. Strangely the invention was born out of hs hatred for math, which initially led him to construct a mechnical calculator in 1936. In 1941 he made the leap to an electro-mechanical, binary calculator called Z3 which could carry out four basic types of calculation in three seconds. This used three logical circuits and 2,600 relays, and is considered to be the first fully functional, programmable computer. Go Germany.

2. MP3 Format (1987)

Yes, German's invented the MP3 file format. In 1987 researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) managed to find a way to compress audio files to MP3 format (one-twelfth of its oriinal size) for the first time. Initially it was conceived as a way to improve the quality of telephony, but the invention soon revolutionized the entire music industry.

3. Radio-controlled Watch (1990)

Germans are known for their punctuality, so it's no surprise that they invented a watch which uses radio signal to set the exact time continuously that won’t lose a second even after a million years. 

4. Chipcard (1969)

The first 'smartcard' was invented by the Germans. The pocket-sized wonder was invented in the late 60's due to the need for an improvement of security measures over the signature or magnetic strip. Jürgen Dethloff and Helmut Göttrup applied for a patent for a card with integrated circuitry in 1968. In 1977, Dethloff surpassed his first invention with the microprocessor card. Today's world is inconceivable without the wallet-sized plastic chip card.

We also have the Germans to thank for the car, toothpaste, beer and gummi bears.


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