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Best Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Ladies

Looking for a stylish and practical way to carry your laptop and other essentials? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best stylish laptop backpacks for women that balance fashion and function.

Ivana Križanović
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Finding the perfect vegan laptop backpack can be quite the challenge, as I've come to find out after weeks of searching. My old canvas backpack from AliExpress is in dire need of an upgrade, but most options I stumbled upon were either too masculine, too girly, or not vegan. 

Thankfully, some helpful Reddit threads pointed me in the right direction, and I discovered a plethora of stylish and ethical backpack brands. 

If you're on the hunt for a new laptop backpack, keep reading for my top picks, including the one I ultimately chose.

1. Matt & Nat Myron


Matt & Nat is a well-known and highly regarded brand in the world of vegan accessories. Established in 1995, they offer an extensive collection of bags, backpacks, shoes, and even jackets and coats, all crafted from quality vegan leather materials.

If I had to narrow down my top pick from their impressive range of products, I would undoubtedly choose the versatile Myron backpack/bag that can be carried as a tote as well.

The backpack comes in an array of colors, including the classic black and brown, but the vibrant green shade is a standout choice, at least in my opinion.

It also features adjustable straps, two handles that allow it to be carried as a tote, a 13" laptop compartment (which made it too small for me, since I have a 14” laptop), a main compartment with a top zipper closure, and multiple pockets for storage.

While I ultimately chose a different backpack for my personal use, I still highly recommend checking out the Myron backpack (and the rest of the Matt and Nat lineup) to anyone looking for a functional, eco-friendly, and ethical laptop backpack option.

2. Calpak Kaya


The Calpak Kaya laptop backpack caught my eye for its sleek and stylish design, and I can safely say that it is one of the most (if not the most) aesthetically pleasing options I came across. 

While the backpack's ability to fit a 15" laptop wasn't a must-have feature for me, I still found it impressive, considering the fact that the backpack doesn’t look as large or bulky as many others do. I also quite like the range of stunning colorways available, some permanent and some limited edition. 

However, I ultimately decided not to purchase this backpack due to its thin and non-padded straps. While they definitely make the backpack look great, they also look like they might start hurting after a few hours of use (and I might wear my backpack all day long on trips). 

Nonetheless, the Calpak Kaya could be a great laptop backpack for ladies that prioritize style or don't plan to wear the backpack for prolonged periods of time, or for girls that already have a comfy backpack but are looking to add another more stylish one to their collection (me in a few months lol).

3. Atlas Supply The Minimalist

Penny-Front (1).jpg

When I stumbled upon the Minimalist backpack, I was skeptical at first because the leather looked very real, but to my surprise, it was vegan leather. 

The backpack has a separate laptop section that can fit up to a 15" laptop and has extra padding for protection. The main compartment is secured with a zipper and magnetic flap, and it has two inner pockets that can hold an iPad mini.

The well-thought-out interior features a removable piece of padding called "the shelf" that separates the inner section in half, making it a great option for camera gear, diapers, shoes, and other items that need to be separated for whatever reason. 

I didn’t go with this backpack either, due to it being unnecessarily thick for my needs. I don’t carry a camera, or any other bulkier items that would require that, but if you do, definitely check out this backpack.

4. Ecosusi Verbena

Screenshot - 2023-02-17T153508.787.png

The Ecosusi Verbena backpack is an adorable and functional vintage-style bag that caught my eye with its stunning pink color and feminine design. Although pink isn't usually my go-to color, I couldn't resist adding the backpack to the list.

Crafted from pastel pink vegan leather and featuring delicate flap detailing and gold-tone hardware, the Verbena has a timeless and elegant look. The structured and spacious silhouette is perfect for carrying your everyday essentials, and the unique back pocket that can be opened from the bottom and attached to your luggage makes it a great travel companion.

With detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, this vegan vintage bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or on the back, making it a versatile choice for both daytime and nighttime wear. While I ultimately didn't choose the Verbena for myself, it's definitely a stylish and practical option worth considering.

5. Monos Metro


The Monos Metro backpack is a standout vegan option that immediately piqued my interest. While it turned out to be above my budget, I was impressed by its sleek and minimalist design, which seems to be perfect for daily commutes and weekend trips.

Crafted from water-resistant ultra-microfiber vegan leather, the Metro backpack has a professional and polished appearance. It features the QuickSnap Modular Kit System, which allows the interchangeable Metro Kit to be easily detached or swapped. This feature makes the backpack highly versatile and adaptable to various travel scenarios.

The Metro's main compartment is designed for streamlined packing and accessibility, with well-thought-out pockets to keep your essentials organized. The 15-inch laptop sleeve is particularly useful for easy access without needing to open the entire bag. Additionally, the built-in trolley sleeve fits securely around the handle of any Monos suitcase.

6. Dagne Dover Indi


The Dagne Dover Indi bag is a versatile option that can be used as a diaper bag or a laptop bag, making it an excellent choice for moms who are juggling both motherhood and work. The medium-sized bag can fit a 13-inch laptop, while the large one can accommodate up to a 15-inch one.

While technically a diaper backpack, the Indi looks like a regular backpack and has plenty of space to hold all of your baby essentials, such as diapers, clothes, wipes, toys, snacks, and more. It also features extra zipper openings for easy access to wipes and includes a mini changing mat and extra pouches.

Beyond its use as a diaper bag, the Indi doubles as a laptop bag, with a designated laptop sleeve. The backpack also has a luggage sleeve, making it an ideal travel buddy. 

7. Pixie Mood Kim

KIM-BACKPACK_SANRP_1_S_1200x (1)_clipped_rev_1.png

Another cute and stylish laptop backpack for women I came across during my search was the Pixie Mood Kim. While I didn't end up getting this one for myself, it's definitely worth mentioning due to its eco-friendly features and versatile design.

The Kim backpack is made with recycled vegan leather and a recycled bottle lining, making it an environmentally-conscious choice. Its foldover flap with zip closure adds a touch of elegance to its otherwise practical design.

One thing I really like about the Kim is its adjustable straps that can be used to convert it into a shoulder bag when the top handle is pulled, meaning that you can easily make the switch from backpack to bag in seconds.

8. Bellroy Tokyo Totepack

1_clipped_rev_1 (1).png

While not as stylish as some of the other options on this list, Bellroy’s Tokyo Totepack still maintains a subtle and simple style that makes it versatile enough for various outfits and occasions, which is why I decided to include it on this list.

The Totepack is designed to fit in wherever your day takes you, with a padded laptop sleeve that can hold devices up to 15 inches, and padded backpack shoulder straps that tuck away flat for a clean look. It also features vertical front pockets that provide easy access on the go, and multiple internal pockets to keep all your belongings organized.

The Tokyo Totepack is also very practical, with two Pop Pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, spare shoes, and soft nylon webbing grab handles for comfort. Its durable, water-resistant fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, making it a sustainable choice. Plus, it’s leather-free, making it a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians.

9. Rains Backpack


I stumbled upon the Rains Backpack while browsing through Reddit, and while it’s not typically a style that I gravitate to, I saw many people recommending it. The backpack has a minimal design, with a prominent flap and a central strap with a carabiner closure.

What sets this backpack apart is its practicality. It’s made with Rains’ signature waterproof PU fabric, which makes it perfect for any kind of weather. The spacious main compartment and internal laptop pocket make it great for everyday use, whether it's for commuting, school, or travel.

The concealed external phone pocket on the back panel is a convenient feature, and the backpack's durability and strength make it perfect for carrying heavier loads. Overall, while it may not be my personal style, I can see why the Rains Backpack has become a popular choice for many.

10. Kapten & Son Fyn (my choice)


And finally, we’ve come to the backpack I ended up ordering: the Kapten & Son Fyn laptop backpack.

As someone who needs to carry around a lot of stuff (a 14” laptop, headphones, chargers, etc.), the spacious design was definitely a selling point for me. Plus, the padded straps make it comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. 

But what really sold me on the Fyn backpack is how stylish it looks. Even though it’s spacious and padded, it doesn’t look bulky at all. The minimalist black design is sleek and versatile, and I can easily pair it with any outfit. If you’re not a fan of the black, the backpack also comes in other colorways.

I'm excited to use this backpack for all my future adventures, whether for work, travel, or just running errands around town, and I’ll be sure to write a review after I’ve used it for a few months.

11. Timbuk2 Mini Prospect (honorable mention)


While not necessarily a super-stylish backpack, the Mini Prospect by Timbuk2 received an overwhelming amount of praise on Reddit. So much praise that I just had to include it, even though I personally would not buy it. 

The Timbuk2 brand is known for its high-quality, durable, and feature-packed backpacks, and this one is no different. Despite its small size, the Mini Prospect is still incredibly functional and can hold everything you need for a day out.

Whether you opt for the waterproof and reflective materials for cycling, or the canvas for a more luxurious look, this backpack is a great choice for those who prioritize durability and practicality.


Let me know which laptop backpack you liked the most and whether there are any other cool brands I should include on this list.

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