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Beware: Your News Feed Will Soon Be Full Of Timelapses

Instagram’s Hyperlapse app is coming…

Michael Cruickshank
Beware: Your News Feed Will Soon Be Full Of Timelapses© 2019 Instagram

Instagram “revolutionised” the way we take and share photos online, with its easy combination of filters, focus effects, and social networking, and now it is looking to do the same thing with video. The company (acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1Billion) is not adding more functionality to its original app, but instead choosing to release a whole new standalone video enhancement app.

The app, titled ‘Hyperlapse’ enables a user to shoot video footage, and then convert it into a timelapse. The problem with traditional time lapse photography (footage which has been vastly sped up) is that you need to keep your camera very still and in one place to achieve a stable result. In the past few years new - but very expensive - camera equipment has become available which allows photographers to shoot timelapses from a moving camera.

These so called ‘motion time lapses’ or ‘hyperlapses’ have started to regularly appear on Youtube, many featuring complex cityscapes and music accompaniment. Despite this explosion of hyperlapse popularity, this method of filming has largely remained out of reach for average people due to the high cost of equipment and technical complexity. That is until now…

The new Hyperlapse app which is only available on iOS, uses similar image stabilisation technology to what was debuted by Microsoft earlier this month. Rather than using sped up raw footage, specialised software processes the video in order to smooth out or blur sections of footage, while at the same time generating new frames to fill the gaps.

According to promotional videos released by Instagram, the app will allow the user to create Hyperlapse videos out of any kind of footage, in both vertical and horizontal shooting modes. Should it become popular (which it almost certainly would), expect to start seeing hyperlapse videos everywhere.

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