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Big Tech Names With Embarrassing Old Logos

Almost as bad as looking through your old Facebook profile pictures

Molly Holt
Big Tech Names With Embarrassing Old Logos

Firefox was originally this very professional looking (not) bird.. nope we're not sure why either. 

Although it hasn't changed much over the years, Google's logo has lost abit of weight, and moved past its neon phase (don't worry, we all went through it at some point).

Al Pacino was the face of Facebook's logo up until 2007.. Once again, WHY

Thank god Apple ditched their original 1800-esque design in favour for the sophisticated and now infamous Apple

And finally, the award for the most absurd starter logo of all time goes to Nokia. A FISH. For a phone company? Apparently it was something to do with a river near where the company was conceived when they used to sell paper, oh how things change.


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