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Blackberry Are Building A Smartwatch (Apparently)

The new CEO has a few ideas on how to spice up sales

Molly Holt
 Blackberry Are Building A Smartwatch (Apparently)© 2018 Honou - Flickr

After Apple’s attempt at the smartwatch failed to impress the public on Tuesday, it sounds like somebody else is having a go at winning the public’s affections: Blackberry. Although a few years ago the smartphone maker was a top tech competitor, its sales and reputation have fallen quite a lot since the rise of the phablet, and it apparently sees its resurrection in the form of a wearable, according to CEO John Chen. At the Super Mobility Conference in Las Vegas, Chen states that he “would love to have… BBM on a wearable” and that “it’s definitely an area of research for us”. The announcement has sparked an onset of amusing tweets, mocking what the device (if ever made) will look like.

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