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Blind People Can Now Read Without Braille

MIT have invented a game-changing device

Anne Parsons
Blind People Can Now Read Without Braille© 2018 FingerReader

"Wearers scan a text line with their finger and receive an audio feedback of the words and a haptic feedback of the layout: start and end of line, new line, and other cues."

MIT have created a game-changing device that will enable blind and visually impaired people read without the use of braille. The 3D printed device is worn on your finger and has a tiny in-built camera that scans and reads words aloud in real time. 

The device is called the FingerReader, and is currently at prototype stage. It works off an algorithm that knows how to detect and give feedback when the user strays away from the baseline of the text, and helps them maintain a straight scanning motion within the line while reading.

If the FingerReader goes into production the invention could revolutionise how blind and visually impaired people have access to text. Another interesting feature of the device according to the website will be able to act as "an aid for language translation." 


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