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Bomb Gaza App Removed From Play Store

Branded 'disgusting' by Twitter users

Molly Holt
Bomb Gaza App Removed From Play Store

Yesterday war turned even more inhumane, as it was revealed that at least two violent games that simulated the bombing of Gaza had to be removed from the Google Play Store.

One of them titled BombGaza was, according to App Annie, released on the 26th July and had been downloaded up to a 1,000 times before Twitter users campaigned for its removal. Refusing to comment on specific apps (although seemingly happy to accommodate them on their Android platform), the technology giant merely stated that the app was taken down due to it violating Google’s policies (presumably on violence and hate speech). Based on the current conflict in the middle east where at least 1,800 Palestinians have been killed, BombGaza’s description encouraged users to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians”. The game ends when too many civilians have been killed and the “rage meter” has been maxed out... but most shocking of all is the app’s age limit. Rated “low” - a maturity setting used for games suitable for younger players - these cruel apps raise serious questions not just about Google’s ethics, but humanity in general. Underneath their 'humor' is utter dehumanization.

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