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Breaking Your Favorite App Might Be The Most Fun Job Ever

Job descriptions: sit, play, and get paid

Breaking Your Favorite App Might Be The Most Fun Job Ever© 2019 Pexels

If you’re fresh out of college then you’re probably checking jobs online, on newspapers, or even job referrals from a friend or a relative. Well then, this is your lucky day because we have a job for you that requires no work experience, a low GPA, and most importantly a smartphone. You probably think that this is a prank, but before closing down this window, you might want to hear what this job is all about.

If you’re skeptical about this, then we ask you to search a company called Rainforest on your web browser. And now that you know we’re not kidding, we want to give you a short background as to what this company is about. Rainforest started out as a small, startup business that blossomed into what all companies have prayed for—a company that delivers quick quality assurance. Rainforest has also been helping out thousands of people around the globe to earn fast money that requires little effort—test the software, submit, and get paid. Simple!

Stevens-Smith, CEO of Rainforest, (during the company’s early years) was accepted into Y Combinator, which is a startup mentorship program. He had several business ideas but were all shut down. Until one day, Smith took matters into his own hands and sent out an e-mail blast to Rainforest’s beta users and his fellow Y Combinator startups, asking one simple question: “What problem do you have that you’d pay $1,000 a month for?”. The answer: “Quality Assurance”, also called QA. And that was the start of a beautiful story of a how simple man wanting to help out people and startup companies just like his, makes thousands of dollars every month.

Every big company or even small business want access of QA, where human testers will be able try their apps and software to make sure it’s ready for consumers. And with Smith’s bright idea, he is now employing 58,000 strangers all around the world to test out his costumers apps’ feature or design and deliver feedback within a few hours. According to Business Insider “When you sign up for Rainforest, you're connected with a company representative who helps you break down exactly what kinds of things you need to test in your app, such as "sign up for a new account," and "try to find the help button." You can also specify which devices and browsers test in, so you can see if a button on your service works on the Chrome browser but breaks on an iPhone.”.

Rainforest gives opportunities to startup businesses to quickly test their software or phone applications and improve on the defects before they sell it to the public. It also gives fresh graduates, working students, and even pensioners opportunities to earn quick cash or just to have something useful to do everyday. In addition, Rainforest provides big companies an alternative in testing their products. They can use the money they saved from hiring a QA team to something more useful, such as improving their software to its best potential.

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