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Bring Your Very Own Yogi Home

A Yoga mat that is also your personal teacher

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Personally, I prefer to go to yoga class rather than practicing at home. Yoga’s not easy, and for me, with some of the more complex postures, even a little guidance can go a long way. I feel like I’m getting much more out of my time and I’m sure all but die-hard practitioners can relate, right?

That’s especially why the Tera fitness mat has got me excited. Technology has once again intervened to make my life a whole lot easier. The divine intervention in question is an interactive yoga mat kitted out with an innovative LED lighting system which shows you how to perform the exercises correctly on the mat. Wahoo.

The Tera mat can detect your the way your body and weight shifts as you move

The mat has special sensors to register any pressure, which allows it to detect your the way your body and weight shifts. All of this info is then fed into a Tera app which is then analysed. The mat is not just limited to yoga practice either - if you are into Pilates or Thai Bo, you can use the various training units as part of the app, all with varying degrees of difficulty.

It's good to know that it's not just your typical fluorescent green number either - it’s made of eco-friendly shear wool by the manufacturer Kvadrat, and is designed to blend in with any contemporary furnishings so you don’t have to keep putting it away. Sounds good to me.

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