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Buried Under The iPhone 6? What Else Will Apple Release Tomorrow?

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This one is a given, with Apple already revealing plenty of the ingredients in its new software. There will be support for third-party keyboards, a new Health app and HealthKit APIs for developers, as well as the HomeKit connected home software tools. Both support for third-party keyboards and a revamped own keyboard, too, which includes built-in automatic typing suggestions, new Messages and Photos experiences. With the new multitasking capabilities, recent contacts will allow for more speedy access, as well as the ability to share iTunes accounts with your family, and an improved iCloud drive to make cross-platform document storage and retrieval a lot easier. A consumer preview of OS X Yosemite has already been launched, giving us a preview of tech giant’s new Continuity and Handoff features, although the actual launch will give us a much better idea of how these will actually work. One of the new developments means that you can now write emails or search something on the internet on one device (your phone, for example), and then pick up where you left off on another (your computer).

However, the part that most people are excited about is the HealthKit, Homekit and mobile payments. Rumours are swirling about Apple’s apparent partnership with healthcare providers, suggesting that the HealthKit will make iOS a full-featured hub for your health and medical records, a modern and innovative invention that we sincerely hope will be confirmed tomorrow. Apple are usually pretty good at sending out their newest offerings almost immediately after their announcement, and according to several sources, have already begun flexing their supply chain muscles by shipping out so many of their new devices from China that other companies are having issues. So its probably safe to say that consumer availability is expected either on the day or within a week.


Ok so this one is a lot less certain than the new iOS, but there are a few suggestions that the iPad Air 2 will be announced tomorrow rather than at a separate one in October (like last year). The newest version is expected to contain a few small updates to its year-old sibling, potentially including Touch ID, and an even thinner shell. If the new Air is announced tomorrow there would be a lot more room in the October reveal, indicating that maybe Apple has quite a lot planned for its famous computers. On the Yosemite preview and continuing beta updates we can see that there’s an impending OS X update, but surely releasing two new software updates simultaneously would not only be quite difficult, but the big change across the device ecosystem and branding would potentially be a bit too much for consumers? Although the Continuity features do tie into iOS 8, the consumer preview of Yosemite is enough to excite users over what’s to come, while showcasing Continuity elsewhere. Any new OS X launch would be a lot more apt to release alongside a new Mac, so you will probably have to wait until October for all that. But don’t worry, it sounds like there’s still plenty to see tomorrow.


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