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Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook? 3 Apps To Change All That

British Food At It's Best

Anne Parsons
Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook? 3 Apps To Change All That© 2018 Catrin Austin - Flickr

1. Rachel Khoo My Little Paris Kitchen

I was delighted to see this cookery book go to app - if it wasn't for Khoo's approach, I never would have attempted quiche. Rachel Khoo is a British cook whose passion fro patisserie brought her to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu. Her app contains recipes of classic French dishes with a modern twist. She has become really well known in the UK becasue of her BBC2 show The Little Paris Kitchen.

If you like the sound of pork and clams with cider and butter beans, spicy aubergine sticks with couscous, baked figs with walnuts, beer-glazed ham hock, caramelized apple bake and spiced almond biscuits, then this is the app for you. 

2. Jamie Oliver


I can’t say enough about how useful the Jamie Oliver app is. Oliver has a knack for making everything so straight forward you’ll start to wonder what you were ever doing wrong. The ingredients he uses are basics you will find in every supermarket, and he returns to many of the same ingredients again and again - which is great if you don't want to keep buying spices and sauces you will only use once. 

My favourite recipe, and a winner with all of my friends is his sausage pasta dish ‘Proper Blokes Fusilli’, which is unbelieveably good.  

3. Great British Chefs

This app is a must have when it comes to British food. Lots of the best British chefs feature here, including Marcus Wareing, James Sommerin and Tom Aikens, with an exhaustive array of hearty British recipes. The app is well designed, and gives you an insight into the chefs, as well as the food.

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