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CES 2015 Round Up

The 5 biggest headliners from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Showcase

Nicole Billitz
CES 2015 Round Up© 2018 Mercedes Benz

1. Cars. There was a record of 10 auto industries showcasing their cars off at CES this year. The biggest headliner was driverless cars, but lest we not forget the amazing hydrogen fuel cell cars, by Mercedes Benz and Toyota, and Toyota’s generous donation of hydrogen patents. Last, but not least, was BMW and Nvidia design on a car as an auto-valet; they will find their own parking space and return to your location when needed.


2. Drones. They were literally flying everywhere. They came in all shapes, sizes and purposes. Some were for massive industrial projects, some folded into wearables. Some were for photos, some were for navigation.


3. Internet of Things. Interconnectedness seems to be leading the charge. Samsung took charge with their new SmartThings Hub, which is a central organizing device that allows all your home devices to connect, regardless of the manufacturer. Eventually, your smartphone alarm will go off, which will brew you a fresh cup of coffee downstairs in your smartcoffee pot, which will notify your car windows to defrost on your smartcar, which will notify your smartphone of your first three appointments for the day.


4. 4K. The most intense digital display resolution we have seen, 4K is four times sharper than HD. All over CES was 4K TV sets, but with an enormous price tag. We just have to settle down and wait for prices to go down - that’s right, just in time for 8K.

5. Health and fitness. Finally, we have somehow married our health with our tech. Most noticeable in the wearable department, CES 2015 showcased new gadgets and apps that measure heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tone, even sleep quality. They came in the form of wristbands, shirts, shorts, socks and apps.

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