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Check Out The Russian ‘BatTrain’ Of The Future

We want these in our cities!

Michael Cruickshank
Check Out The Russian ‘BatTrain’ Of The Future© 2019 Uraltransmach

Russia isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘futuristic design’. Despite political tensions with the West, the country has nonetheless managed to create a prosperous modern economy which has revived some of the creative spirit that sent the first man into space.

An exemplar of this is the Russia One (R1) tram developed by Uraltransmach, a Russian heavy vehicle company better known for building tanks. This tram, which is being debuted to the public for the first time, is one of the finest example of futuristic design that we have ever seen.

The company has managed to reinvent the looks of the classic tram, by doing away with curves and replacing them with sharp angles. This, combined with a glossy black finish, leaves the vehicle with the aesthetics of a B2 Stealth Bomber or the batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy of films.

The vehicle itself can seat close to 200 people and is constructed from composite materials, which both increase the trams strength and reduce its overall weight. R1 also features a fully modular interior which can be easily swapped around for different conditions, such as trading away seating for more standing commuter space. In addition, it is made to drive smoothly across even poorly maintained rail infrastructure which is often the norm in Russia.

Check out the below gallery of images of this amazing vehicle:

Images: © 2014 Uraltransmach


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