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Check Out This Flying Electric Car

The future is almost here

Nicole Billitz
Check Out This Flying Electric Car© 2018 Terrafugia

Unfortunately, flying cars still aren’t quite a reality (not yet, anyways). But that hasn’t stopped numerous different tech companies attempting to cook up the first functional flying car.

In fact, Terrafugia has been designing the TF-X concept car that will manage to drive and fly.

This isn’t Terrafugia’s first crack at a flying car. Back in 2012, with the Transition model that had airplane wings that could fold out, the company managed to complete a successful test flight.

The TF-X, however, will be fitted with two primary, helicopter-style rotors. These means that the takeoff would be vertical, and far more practical (requiring a simple helicopter pad, rather than a landing strip).

The TF-X boasts an electric moto (hello sustainability) with a 300 horsepower engine, and a 500-mile flight range. It would manage to hit a cruising speed of 200 miles per hour, and when cruising, the propellers can be folded up.

It will be partially computer-controlled, which is pretty neat.

Obviously, it’s not priced just yet - but the company says it will be similar to “very high-end luxury cars of today”. More importantly, though, the T-FX will be in development for the next 8-12 years, so maybe you can save enough money by then.


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