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China Tries to Trump Google Glass With Baidu Eye

But is it any good?

Anne Parsons
China Tries to Trump Google Glass With Baidu Eye© 2018 Baidu

Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, is taking on Google with their own version of Google Glass, Baidu Eye. The internet giant unveiled the latest prototype of the ‘Eye’ last Wednesday in Beijing at the Baidu World Conference.

Baidu Eye

The wraparound headset obviously invited comparisons to Google’s own head-mounted display - but there’s one notable difference - the Eye doesn’t have a screen or any optical display. Instead, the information that the Eye collects can be viewed on an accompanying smartphone or tablet. Baidu said, as reported in Mashable, that this viewing method makes it "easier to browse than on a small, mounted screen" and aims to "consume less energy so the battery lasts much longer." This is obviously a change of dierction for Baidu - when the first prototype appeared in April 2013, it appeared to have a screen, which Baidu have since removed.

The device can take photos, recognise objects and analyse its surroundings. It also has an earpiece on its left arm, and can take voice and gesture commands. Since it's still in prototype stage, no price or launch date has been released, but we'll keep you posted. 

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