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Could Selfies Be The Future of Smartphone Photography?

Finally someone has acknowledged that front cameras are important

Michael Cruickshank
Could Selfies Be The Future of Smartphone Photography?© 2018 Versus

While Sony’s Xperia Z2 has been making waves, but the company’s most innovative device this year might not be a flagship at all. Rather it could be the Xperia C3, the first device which we have seen that acknowledges people’s love of taking selfies.

Featuring a 5MP front facing camera, the Xperia C3 produces some of the highest resolution and sharpest selfies to date. In addition, its wide angle 25mm lens allows a user to fit much more into their images with an 80 degree field of view, as compared to the 30mm lens of standard smartphones which have a much narrow field of view.

But why wait to go to a store to check out this amazing phone in all its glory, when you can do so without leaving your computer? Versus has been working on an array of 3D phone models as part of their advance product comparison platform. As a part of this, they are now debuting a brand new, fully featured 3D model of the Xperia C3.

Powered by the WebGL API, the Versus 3D model can be viewed in a dynamically lit environment, alongside other phone models, enabling easy comparison. What's more, users are able to interact with the phone, through two axis of rotation and the ability to zoom in on key features.

Image: © 2014 Sony

As well as its innovative camera equipment, the Xperia C3 also contains some unique software features that improve the quality of selfies yet further. Most prominent among these is the ‘Portrait’ app which gives user the ability to give themselves a digital make-over. With a plain photo of your face, you can airbrush away lines, add artistic filters and even make eyes sparkle - all the better to pick up interest on Tinder, or share with your friends on Snapchat.

In addition to its innovative photography abilities, the phone also can hold its weight in terms of specs. While it is no flagship, is nonetheless boasts an HD 720p 5.5 inch IPS screen which should provide both crisp lines, brilliant colors, and deep blacks. Furthermore, its 1.2GHz quad-core processor backed with 1GB of RAM, ensures that the phone should have the power to run almost all apps with relative ease.

Why wait? Check out the phone in a 3D comparison with the Galaxy S5 here.

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