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Dating Before Facebook... How Did It Even Work?

How does the internet affect our love lives?

Molly Holt
Dating Before Facebook... How Did It Even Work?

You probably had to actually go outside to meet people, rather than just swiping right on their Tinder profile

But first dates would be a lot less boring, as you wouldn't have already stalked their life story online

Phoebe Buffet This is Brand New Information Friends This Is Brand New Information!

And without Facebook, you probably wouldnt ever know they were fat in 2008


Or that their ex's nose was definitely a lot bigger than yours. Even your friends agreed

Without all these resources, communication was also a lot slower

Seriously, it was A LOT slower

"I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day, for a year."

Although after waiting a week, messages probably contained a lot more substance than just a wink face emoji

As emojis didn't even exist. And there was no text or whatsapp. I repeat, NO TEXT OR WHATSAPP

When my boss tries to schedule meetings for late Friday afternoon

So no checking to see them online and ignoring you


Or seeing them liking other girls profile picture on Facebook

Angry Coach animated GIF

Or uploading holiday photos of them next to someone that definitely meets the requirements of a future Victoria's secret model


But on the plus side, drunk texting just wasn't a thing. Imagine how much better hangovers would be without the dreaded re-reading

 And you would never feel the pain of doing this ever again 

But where's the fun in that?

WTF? Judging You



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