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Decked Out In Leather

LG released an official leak

Nicole Billitz
Decked Out In Leather

After sending the much anticipated invites, LG has finally confirmed that it will introduce the G4 on April 28 in multiple events around the world.

But even better than thought, notorious leak-tipster, @EvLeaks, also known as Evan Blass, managed to hunt down a leak on LG’s very own site. The photo displays the new flagship to be fully cased in leather, with numerous colors to choose from.

In fact, the entire leak shows six different versions of the real leather handset, with an additional three that are plastic.

Previous leaks have indicated a metal body as well, and we see no reason to assume that there won’t be a metal version as well. In fact, this is the most diverse line from LG yet.

The leather colors include black, white, red, purple, gold, and a tan, but the plastic colors are as of yet, still unknown.

In addition to the leather leak, we also got a peek under the hood of the camera. The shooter will sport a speedy f/1.8 aperture lens, with an infrared color accuracy sensor, laser autofocus, and a full blown manual mode for those professional photographers among us.

We’re pretty pleased about these two confirmations, because they are exactly what we predicted last week.

As for everything else, it’s all still speculation. But we’re excited anyways.


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