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Did somebody say 3D printed ice-cream?

MIT students serve up a treat with this new invention

Anne Parsons
Did somebody say 3D printed ice-cream?© 2018 Thomas Hawk

I never thought the words ‘print’ and ‘ice-cream’ could work in the same sentence, but who am I to judge where ice-cream is involved.

Three MIT students, Kyle Hounsell, Kristine Bunker and David Donghyun Kim have created a 3D printing wonder-machine that can print icecream into all kinds of yummy structures. 

The students undertook the project as part of their coursework, and in order to make the printer they had to hack a Cuisinart soft-serve. They use a Solidoodle printer to control the plate and have to blast the icecream with liquid nitrogen in order to maintain the shape of the print. 

"We ate a lot of ice cream during the making the machine"

“We ate a lot of ice cream during the making the machine especially during the couple all-nighters when ice cream became our midnight snack and breakfast, it was a great project and we had a lot of fun working on it," said Kristine Bunker.

Before we all get ahead of ourselves, the machine is just a proof-of-concept prototype, but the future looks bright.


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