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Which Superhero Would Your Smartphone Be?

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Roselle Jean Dancel
Which Superhero Would Your Smartphone Be?© 2018 Unreality TV

For people who are just in love with their smartphones, they consider them as technological superheroes. Without their power (or in this case, specs), people would go cray without them. The same way how people in comics have a lasting admiration and dependency with their superheroes.

Both smartphones and superheroes have played a central role in people's lives (both in this and the comic universe). Now, say that these smartphones were superheroes, which ones would they be?

1. The Batman --- LG G4 

lgbatman.jpgBatman’s understated style and quiet effectiveness shines through the G4. With its brilliant, cutting-edge design and functionality, this handheld brings class and sophistication (like Batman) to a whole new level.

2. The Hulk --- Turing

turinghulk.jpgHulk’s indestructible stature can be seen with the Turing’s nano-coating, and liquidmorphium material - a metal stronger than aluminum or steel. 

3. Iron Man --- Samsung Galaxy S6

ironmans6.jpgSamsung S6 and Ironman are a match made in heaven. Both are gimmicky, yet ingenious and innovative with their technologies. The S6 even has a limited edition tribute to this metal man.

4. The Flash --- Blackberry Passport Silver Edition

passportflash.jpgThis superhero is undoubtedly fast… so is the BB Passport with its Ardeno 330 CPU and 2.2 GHz quadcore Snapdragon 801; making this device possess one of the fastest processors out there.

5. Superman --- Apple iPhone 6

supermaniphone.jpgThe iPhone 6 and Superman share 2 things in common: They're both a bit boring (no offense), but you know that when you talk about smartphones (or superheroes), they're both one of the firsts that come to mind.

6. Thor --- Nokia Lumia 930

nokiathor.jpgNokia’s ancient… no really. So is Thor. But they never fail to impress us with their strength and adaptability. From the 3310 to the Lumia, you can see Nokia’s continuous effort to innovate. Kinda reminds us of Thor blending in during that scene in the Avenger's Age of Ultron.

7. Spiderman --- Sony Xperia M5

m5spiderman.jpgJust like Spiderman’s keen eye for trouble (and his alter ego’s impressive eye for photography), so does the M5. This device has a 21.5 MP camera, making it one of the most serious multimedia smartphones out there.


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