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District 9 Director Blomkamp Teases New Sci Fi Film

Watch the debut trailer for ‘Chappie’

Michael Cruickshank
District 9 Director Blomkamp Teases New Sci Fi Film© 2018 Sony Pictures

So you want sci fi action special effects blockbusters, which still have a social message? Some would say you are asking for too much. But not Neill Blomkamp. After making the hit breakout film District 9, the South African director is one of the hottest names in film at the moment.

After last year’s high budget dystopian epic Elysium, he is now returning to his native Johannesburg for a more down to earth film. Titled Chappie, this film revolves around an artificially intelligent robot (named Chappie) who is stolen and then raised by two criminals, who over time, nurture it, and teach it to survive in the harsh and poverty stricken slums of the city.

The film itself marks the cinema debut of local rap group ‘Die Antwoord’, who effectively play themselves as some of the main characters in the movie. Other lead roles are played by Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel and Australian mega-star Hugh Jackman. While previously the film was made out to be black comedy, the first trailer for the film suggests that it also contains some serious drama.

Check out the debut trailer in the video below!

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