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Do You Drop Your Phone A Lot? Meet The Unbreakable Screen!

Is It All It's 'Not' Cracked Up To Be?

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Do You Drop Your Phone A Lot? Meet The Unbreakable Screen!© 2023 Motorola

Electronics consumers are usually concerned with specs and this smartphone has several good ones to talk about, but the most important aspect is the durability. The Moto X Force has been available in the US and UK markets since the fall, but just this week customers in India will finally have the chance to buy the unbreakable phone. Clumsy folks everywhere might truly be in for a treat with a smartphone that doesn't shatter.

Imagine if there were a smartphone that wouldn't break when dropped, stepped, or sat upon.

Anyone who's ever had a broken screen can attest to the pain that begins from the moment you drop the phone to the when you pick it up and are thankful the device still works, but have to view your messages and attempt to make calls through a screen that resembles a kaleidscope lens. And then, there's the cost to fix it. And it's never as easy as it looks. So, many people deal with keeping the shattered screen until they're forced to fork over the dough to fix it. And, honestly, there are a lot of people that go through this process more than once. We're just not that coordinated when it comes to carrying our phones with us everywhere.

Imagine if there were a smartphone that wouldn't break when dropped, stepped, or sat upon. This smartphone spec could have some people jumping for joy. The Moto X Force comes other decent specs though, such as a battery with 3760Ah and 3GB of RAM. The 5MP front camera is average but the rear camera is 21MP. It comes with Android 5.1.1 but could get an update soon. This device is also capable of wireless charging and is DLNA certified so it will connect with other devices easily. As far as regular specs go, this smartphone is about average as far as what you're getting for your money. However, the real selling point is the shatterproof screen. People have been hoping a manufacturer would put out a screen like this, only to have hopes dashed by online observers who think that's a low priority because it forces users to buy more devices if their's continue to break. Motorola may be stepping up the challenge though with this screen.

Moto X Force Waterproof.jpgThe Moto X is water resistant and has a waterproof coating that protects it from liquids both inside and out.

Source: Motorola

The 5.4 Quad HD display has five layer glass construction and has apparently been dropped in tests and has survived. There is an aluminum core to start that connects to the other layers, which is part of why this phone is more durable. The next layer is the flexible AMOLED display. Then there are  two touch screen layers. The fifth and last layer is like an externally fitted layer and this should help with scratch resistance. So far, it seems like the screen is living up to expectations. If you drop your phone regularly, this might be a good investment. 

It's no secret that the Motorola brand is evolving after being acquired by Lenovo from Google for $2.9 billion in 2014. At the end of last year Lenovo introduced "Moto by Lenovo," changing the iconic name but still keeping the logo intact for some of the new products. There are quite a few out on the market right now and Motorola even has a promotion going on through Valentine's day. The Moto X Force with covers designed by Johnathan Adler are on sale for the same $400 price as the regular Moto X Force Pure Edition. So, whether you want a new device at a decent price for your sweetheart, or you just want to give them something that won't break, you've got good choices with the Moto X Force.  

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