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Do You Facebook At Work?

If you do, you'll want to read this

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Do you ever wish that Facebook’s blue and white homepage was a bit less distinctive, so that if, by ANY chance, you had to check your messages at work, it wouldn’t scream to passers by in the office, ‘SLACKER!’.

So naturally, when I got wind that they were making ‘Facebook at Work’, I presumed it meant they would be designing a ‘work-friendly’ interface that meant you could check your messages in a more covert way (a bit like the way you can do it with gmail), that doesn’t take over the entire screen in that glaring, painfully obvious Facebooky way. The little tab is enough to make me feel guilt pangs.

But lo, I was mistaken. Facebook at Work is actually supposed to be about increasing work productivity, believe it or not. There has been speculation for a while now about the potentiality of work-related developments, and it seems that Facebook are looking into ways of getting companies to use its group and messaging function. I guess it makes sense, if the majority of people at work are on Facebook, rather than using some other arbitrary system.

Personally, I don’t know if I would like to be linked up to all of my colleagues on Facebook, who I would inevitably have to ‘friend’. I think having a separate personal and work life is good. Facebook risks losing that personal element of interactions if they roll out this idea. Saying that, being on Facebook in the first place, is a personal decision considering all of the information you are required to share, and I can’t imagine any of my non-Facebooking friends appreciating being strong-armed into signing up by their boss. We’ll see what happens.


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