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Does Anybody Care About Tablets Anymore?

New statistics suggest the iPad days are over

Molly Holt
Does Anybody Care About Tablets Anymore?© 2019 closari - Flickr

The craze began in 2010 with Apple’s iPad, but it seems that they’re beginning to lose their appeal, with an annual decline expected in this year’s global shipments. A new report from IDC (International Data Corporation) suggests that, contrary to previous reports, tablets are unlikely to surpass personal computers numbers-wise, and that brand-name tablets will fall by 1.8% to 153 million. And in order to try combat the decline, prices are falling, too. Average selling prices are expected to reach a standstill at $373 in 2014’s mature markets (thanks to bigger screens and cellular-data enabled devices), although the cost per tablet for the rest of the world will apparently drop to as low as $302 (depicting an annual decline of 10%). And it seems that the slump has already begun, with Apple revealing during its June quarterly earnings announcement that the company had a 9.2 percent decline from the 14.6 iPads it shipped a year ago. However, rumours suggest that they will soon be releasing a new 12.6” version of the dwindling device, in their attempt to restore attention to the iPad and fight against the up-and-coming interest in Chromebooks like the Surface Pro 3.

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