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Does Sharp’s New Phone Mean The Death Of The Bezel?

This is a phone that is all screen…

Michael Cruickshank
Does Sharp’s New Phone Mean The Death Of The Bezel?© 2018 Sharp

The smartphones released by different companies as much reflect each enterprise’s heritage as their aspirations. This results in design companies like Apple, making phones that emphasize aesthetics, while software companies like Microsoft and Google, focus more on delivering an intuitive user interface. With this in mind, the new phone from Sharp, the Aquos Crystal, is what happens when a TV manufacturer tries to make a smartphone.

While seemingly unremarkable at first glance, the Aquos Crystal really comes into its own, when it is power up. The phone’s screen stretches all the way to the edge of the screen, with an impossibly-small bezel, that is all but invisible in most environments. This decision clearly reflects the company’s background in making TV sets, where screen size is treated as a premium, and bezels are becoming a thing of the past.

Image: © 2014 Sharp

Aside from this unique form, the phone comes with somewhat middle-of-the-line specs. It features a 5-inch, 1,280 x 780 pixel high-definition display, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor backed up by 1.5GB of RAM and a 2040mAh lithium-ion battery. In addition to this, it boasts an 8MP rear camera, and utilizes harman/kardon sound technology to deliver improved compressed audio playback.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact it has on the market.

While this phone is unlikely to become overly popular, due in part to its lack of high-end specs, as well as its unfortunately release timing, just weeks before the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 4, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact it has on the market. Should consumers respond well to the bezel-less design, we could begin to see more and more phones with a similar form factor.

The advantage of this design is that it allows manufacturers to increase their phone’s screen size without actually increasing its overall size. Already many people are complaining that the latest generation of flagship phones are too large, and especially difficult to use for consumers who have small hands. The downside of course, is that manufacturers are left with less room to cram in components, which may result in less-powerful phones.

Only time will tell if the Sharp Aquos Crystal marks the beginning of the end for the bezel…

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