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Don’t Get Your New iPhone Wet!

Or keep it in the same pocket as your keys…

Michael Cruickshank
Don’t Get Your New iPhone Wet!© 2019 Flickr - Andreas Kambanis

Waterproofing is one of the largest trends within the smartphone industry at the moment. Samsung and LG have been producing water resistant phone’s for several device generations now, while Sony has pushed ahead into new territory producing fully waterproof phones such as the Xperia Z2 which have been known to survive weeks at the bottom of the sea.

But did we hear a word about waterproofing or IP (Ingress Protection) ratings from Apple during yesterday’s keynote presentation? No.

Apple’s new iPhone 6 will not be waterproof 

Apple’s new iPhone 6, as well as the larger 6 Plus, will not be waterproof, or water resistant in any meaningful way. This is despite industry trends, and indeed a large number of earlier rumors which suggested that the iPhone 6 would be at the very least water resistant. Indeed, even the new Apple Watch wearable, intended for sports use, has only a very limited ‘splashproof’ rating.

So what is Apple thinking? Maybe they believe that waterproofing is not a major concern for their customers, or that adding it to their phones would increase both the bulk of the device, as well as its price. Or perhaps, more cynically, they know that creating a hardier device could in the end reduce the need for customers to replace their models, and, over time hurt the company’s bottom line.

This may also be the reason the company has chosen to omit a sapphire crystal display from its new iPhone 6 range. Again this was widely rumoured, and we even say what we thought was a prototype version of the screen. But it was not to be. While sapphire crystal was built into the display of the Apple Watch, as well as the camera lens of the iPhone 6, it wasn’t used in the phone’s screen at all.

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