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Don't Just Watch The Video! Be In The Video!

GoPro Partners With Google's Jump To Bring Us A Whole New Type Of Interactive Experience

Julius Tabios
Don't Just Watch The Video! Be In The Video!© 2023 GoPro

When you watch a video of any kind you would be forced to watch it from only one angle. It’s not your fault, it’s technology’s fault. So watching videos could never deliver an interactive experience that, say, video games could. But all that is about to change for the better.

At one of the Google I/O keynotes, GoPro has sealed the deal for a damn fine partnership with Google. Particularly GoPro will work with Google Jump, Google’s virtual reality system.

GoPro recently released details about its plans to release a 360-degree camera array built out of 16 GoPros later this year. This partnership will allow the two to create 360-degree HD videos. Once the GoPro array is available to the public, Jump will be a platform where they can create and share their 3D videos to the world. This will naturally also integrate with the Google Glass. Here’s a sample of what this technology can bring to the world. 


(This video is best viewed through a Google Chrome browser or through an Android phone via the YouTube app)

Mind blown huh?

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