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Don't Trust iCloud? Use WEDG!

A cloud just for your home!

Michael Cruickshank
Don't Trust iCloud? Use WEDG!© 2019 WEDG

Cloud computing, and especially the cloud storage of data, is changing the way we deal with our personal information. More and more people are giving the ownership, and the responsibility for the protection of their data to corporations who may not be its best custodians. This was made especially clear following the scandal surrounding the leak of nude celebrity photos allegedly obtained from Apple’s iCloud.

But what if there was a better way for us to store our private data, something which combined all the convenience of cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive, with the security of in house storage? A new IndieGoGo project called WEDG believes it might just have the answer…

Image: © 2014 WEDG

Taking the form of a small self-contained system, about the size of a large modem, WEDG is a cloud drive for your home. It combines a large, 1TB hard drive, with wireless connection capabilities to function as a repository of all the information which you don’t want to store on your mobile devices.

The main selling point for the device is, unsurprisingly, its security features. All data on the device is secured using a 512-bit AES encryption, making it incredibly difficult to hack. Passwords are handled via a use-and-forget system, whereby once a user has authenticated themselves, they will no longer need to worry about complicated logins. In addition to this, the device features an in-built encrypted mail client, which allows for fully secured communications before users.

Currently WEDG is available for pre-order via the company’s IndieGoGo campaign for $243 (149GBP) in both white and black models. The product is expected to ship in early 2015.


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