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Don't Worry About The Monsters Under The Bed

SmartBed Detects Monsters for your little one

Nicole Billitz
Don't Worry About The Monsters Under The Bed© 2019 Sleep Number

The latest (and only) smart bed for kids is a dream for parents and kids alike. The bed helps monitor sleep cycles, and can determine whether diet, stress or other activities are impacting quality of sleep. The SleepIQ Kids bed from Sleep Number was announced on Tuesday at CES in Las Vegas, and has hidden sensors that use digital-signal capture within the mattress to determine pressure and motion, so that the parent can be alerted if their little one is awake or out of bed. It tracks breathing and heart-rate, and can give a SleepIQ score each morning, (1-100) to determine the quality of sleep.

It has an interactive dashboard available via an Android app, which gives parents alerts in real-time. The bed can tilt for small readers and sniffly noses. Additionally, lights illuminate when the child is up or wants to read, but they can be turned off remotely by an adult.

According to Mashable, the bed is designed to be a friend for life, because it adapts as the child gets older. Around the age of 10, the kid will be able to manage their own SleepIQ score and monitor how exercise, sugar and TV time impact their sleep quality, which should help them make better choices.

A personalized bedtime routine is also available, which give goals and achievements, to monitor other things, like teeth brushing. Parents can receive monthly progress reports to monitor improvements.

Most importantly, however, this smart bed is designed for kids. There is a built-in monster detector that will alert your child to when it’s clear to run across the floor. All you have to do is hover a smartphone or tablet near the bottom of the bed, and a monster icon will deliver the good (or bad) news.

Available in the U.S. later this year, this kid-friendly bed will be priced around $1,000.


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